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Vehicular Design

Vehicular Design
All my life I have been passionate about things that go vroom. My focus has wandered over the years from fighter-jets, rotorcraft, kit-planes, sports cars, motorcycles, rock-crawlers, bicycles, hang gliders.

My passion for sustainable transportation technologies was sparked after picking up a book on electric cars in a Minnesota library. Since then, I have amassed a formidable library of books on electric vehicle design, as well as a slew of books on chassis/suspension design and low-speed aerodynamics.

Below is a listing of some of the more recent projects or design concepts I have played with as of late.

Bicycle Kayak Trailer
Bicycle Kayak Trailer - An alternative to getting your boat to the water
4-seat Pedal-Car Conversion - Converting a retired 2-seat Honda coupe into a 4-person pedal car
BurnerTrike06 - Multi-person bicycle concept
Burt's Track-Cycle - A mutant bicycle with mini tracks.
ECO Buggy
ECO Buggy - All Terrain, Zero Emissions, Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle
Fourth of Juplay 2015 - Mapping adventures pulled by a traction kite
Gas-Electric Hybrid Rally Car
Gas-Electric Hybrid Rally Car - A modified 1986 Honda CRX with electric traction 4WD
Jaran Tempest 184
Jaran Tempest 184 - Single-Engine 4-seat FAA Certified Airplane
Vertec VT-12/19
Vertec VT-12/19 - 12 and 19 Seat VTOL Commuter Aircraft
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